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Spa and Salon

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We had a girls weekend in Blue Ridge last weekend. The weather was beautiful and we were sitting outside when we realized we needed pedicures, so we decided to try out the walk ins welcome spa on Hwy 5 just south of McCaysville.

Walk-ins were very welcome but they were not able to handle the 5 of us at the same time. They have 2 pedicure chairs and offered to do 2 at a time. We were going to try but they do a detailed job and we could tell right away the first 2 were going to take longer than the normal "strip mall pedicure" anyone can get in Metro Atlanta. The three of us that decided not to wait shopped in their little store. They have all sorts of accessories and shoes. I think we left with several pairs.

The owner was very nice and told us that anytime we would like to plan a spa day that have the staff to support it for a group as long as they know ahead of time. Then each person could move on to a different area of the spa throughout the day and no one would be waiting. They have a full line of services and as soon as I find their website address I will link to it.

I would recommend this place and plan to return, but just not as a "walk-in" with 5 girls!

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