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Pats Kountry Kitchen

After our afternoon muddy mountain bike ride, Traci and I had built up an appetite. We wanted to go back to Good Fellas, but they were closed, which made for a good opportunity to check out Pats Kountry Kitchen. Southern Food. Filling and how can you go wrong? Well, misspelling country should have been our first sign.

Its was a large diner, but much of it was roped off due to its new Sunday hours and really only being partially open. Another warning sign. Traci ordered Chicken 'n' dumplings, and I ordered some country fried steak. Again, easy southern food and we were not concerned at this point.

The meal quickly went down hill as soon as it arrived. My 'steak' looked and taste like a frozen meat patty with generic breading and a horrible gravy sauce. The veggies were out of a can, and the fried okra was also from the frozen isle. Traci's Chicken and Dumplings were actually good, but the veggies were also out of a can, and the fried squash was also from the packet.

Very disappointing, with the only 'highlights' being the biscuits and the Chicken and Dumplings. We should probably give the place another chance one day.

Blue Ridge Weekender

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