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The Swinging Bridge

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One day during our Christmas vacation we decided to venture out for a hike. We decided to find the swinging Bridge that we had read so much about. The swinging bridge is a part of the Benton McCaye Trail and was originally built for logging purposes. With our group we opted for the drive in route on the forest service road with the short hike, but I look forward to my next visit where I do the full hike.

Drive in Access with 1/2 mile hike:
From the McDonalds in Blue Ridge, take Hwy 515 east about 4 miles to Hwy 60 and turn right, follow to Morganton. There, turn right
toward Dahlonega for 11.3 miles following Hwy 60 south There are several ways to get to this bridge. passing Skeenah Mill. Another .7 miles on the right is FS 816, turn right and follow gravel road about 3 miles to the parking area. Short hike down to the Toccoa River & Swinging Bridge.

Longer Hike in (6 miles round trip):
For the more adventurous you can also access this bridge via a much longer hike using the Benton McCaye Trail and walk in from Hwy 60. It is a great 3 mile hike (6 round trip) to this same spot, trail head is where you make the turn leaving Hwy 60. There is a pull off on the opposite side of the road (Hwy 60) with a hiking sign that is designated for people to park and hike. Or if you turn at the forest service road to drive in, there is room on the side to park at the very beginning. Once on foot if you are standing at the edge of Hwy 60 and facing the forest service road you will see the trail off to your left, there will be a large wood sign letting you know how far.

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